Dribbble Shots Enhanced

April 21st, 2013

Dribbble Shots EnhancedDribbble Shots Enhanced Module for Joomla is a Joomla extension that we developed to show our love for Dribbble players (read:users).

This enhanced version uses the Dribbble API ( and we did a nice integration with Joomla to show the similar interface like dribbble in Joomla. This module best fits if you show this in middle area (content/component area position) position. It has the look that you will love. Almost creates you own Dribble environment within your Joomla site.

*** Only j3.0 version supports jomsocial2.8

* Select Dribbble Shots by:
– User Name
– Use following other users by username
– Popular Dribble shots
– Every one’s shots/latest shots
– Debuts Shots

* Other Features:
– Shot Count
– Show Image in
1. Same window
2. New window/tab
3. Joomla native popup
– Show/Hide Header Section for showing simple statistic and profile information
– Show/Hide Follow button
– Show/Hide Player’s name after shot/photo
– Show/Hide icons for
1. Like count,
2. Comments Count
3. Views Count
4. Rebounds Count
– Advance Caching(J1.5 and J2.5 specific different caching technology for better performance)
– Module Class Suffix

See demo here: