Drupal Global Training Days This Friday, June 22

June 21st, 2012

Drupal Global Training Days is this Friday, June 22! This is a day where training companies around the world will introduce new and beginning users to Drupal through half day, full day and virtual sessions. More than sixteen training companies representing Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, South America (and two online!) are signed up to participate on June 22. The Drupal Association launched this program of free or low cost training events to provide an easy way for new users to be introduced to Drupal and our wonderful Drupal community.

The June 22 Drupal Global Training Days will be offered with one of two curriculums:

  • “Introduction to Drupal,” a full day training on the basics of Drupal. Attendees will leave having successfully built a Drupal site. It is ideal for those interested in exploring Drupal as a career path.
  • “What is Drupal?” This half-day workshop will address the basics of Drupal, and will give an overview to those interested in evaluating or implementing Drupal.

For a listing of all training locations across the globe: Upcoming dates include September 14 and December 14, 2012.

Help us spread the word

Help introduce a new user to Drupal by tweeting and blogging about these events! Use #learndrupal and spread the word about course(s) near you. A sample tweet: June 22nd is #Drupal Global Training Day! Come learn about the best open source CMS system #learndrupal!

If you are a trainer and would like join in on the future Drupal Global Training Days on September 14 and December 14, 2012 get in touch today.

Thank you to those of you participating in expanding the Drupal community and helping others Learn Drupal on June 22!