Menu D7 Upgrade: Ready for Community QA!

September 13th, 2013

It’s time! After almost a year and a half of work we are at the finish line. D7 is open for community QA. We invite you all to login to the site, look around, do some of the things you usually do on and report any bugs or problems you encounter. Community QA will last for at least 3 weeks. The launch date will be sometime after DrupalCon Prague and will depend on how many bugs you find. 🙂

Before You Start

For this upgrade project our goal was a straight port to Drupal 7. No major regressions, no major new features. And indeed nearly all sections and pages on D7 will look the same as they do now on Drupal 6. There is only one page which will change significantly – the issue page. Awhile ago we wrote a detailed explanation of the changes and why they had to happen. Please be sure to review the post before going to the QA site.

Note that patch testing on the QA site may be somewhat delayed relative to production, but with patience, should be fully functional.

Ready to Do Some QA?

Great! We’ve set up a dedicated issue queue for the process. You’ll find instructions on the project page:

We’ve also set up an #drupal-d7qa IRC channel on Freenode, a place for QA participants to talk to each other and the development team.

Any Video Tutorial Available?

Good question. In preparation for the community QA Melissa Anderson and Neil Drumm held a QA orientation session, where they talked about our QA server, and where and how to report issues. They also briefly showed the new issue pages. The recording is available below:

Now go and check out D7! We do hope you’ll like it.