Menu redesign implementation update, and sprint March 19th

March 12th, 2010

The redesign continues to progress. This is great news and a morale boost for everyone involved.

Since our front page post on February 3…

  • Over 20 enthusiastic new volunteers have come forward to lend their expertise.
  • Several experienced professional Drupal project managers have been added to the project management team
  • We have produced two new theming documentation. This will help the theme implementation teams standardize their implementations. See details further on.
  • Contributors can sign into the new * subsites (groups, association, api, localize, etc.) in additional to the main site now.
  • We continue to need expert resources with knowledge of data sources to assist with custom Solr development
  • Trellon has checked in an alpha dashboard and we now have a beta version of the main Download and Extend page.

Once the major blockers are cleared, we will push forward with engaging the MVP implementation volunteers that signed up last year.

Our next sprint will be on Friday, March 19th from 8am PST/4pm GMT to 12pm PST, 8PM GMT. We aim to focus on theming, and completing the search generated blocks. The sprint will be held on IRC in #drupal-infrastructure.