DrupalCon Denver Scholarship Deadline is Tomorrow and Sprint Lead Applications Now Being Accepted

November 17th, 2011

DrupalCon Denver is just 5 months away. While the organizing team is committed to keeping the event affordable – with a low ticket price of $350 and affordable hotel options – there are even lower cost options for some members of the Drupal community.

DrupalCon Denver Scholarships

The deadline to apply for scholarships for DrupalCon in Denver is tomorrow — anyone who has not yet applied can do so online until November 18, 2011 midnight Mountain Time. The DrupalCon Denver scholarship program allows community members who would otherwise not be able to attend DrupalCon to benefit from the DrupalCon experience as the Drupal Community benefits from each scholar’s attendance. Read about the eligibility requirements and get the link to the online form by visiting DrupalCon Denver’s Scholarship webpage.

Sprints at DrupalCon: More glorious than ever

DrupalCon Denver will better highlight and accommodate contribution and code sprints throughout the conference. To support sprints, we’re offering a limited number of free attendance tickets. Sprint leads can now register with their proposed focus, and should have a group of at least 3 sprinters together at the time of application. Applicants should be ready to describe in detail the goal (what you plan to improve) and desired outcome (what will be accomplished during the sprint). Sprints can take place at anytime during the conference; they need not happen only on the Friday following the scheduled sessions. Preference is given to sprints that plan for a full day’s amount of work, even if it’s spread out over several days. Preference is also given to sprints that align with the conference theme or the following categories:

  • Documentation
  • improvements
  • Drupal Core (Drupal 8 Initiatives or Drupal 7 bug fixes)
  • Top contrib projects or community improvements

Applications have already started to roll in. You can apply online as a Sprint Lead. Sprint Lead selections will be announced in January. Check the official DrupalCon Denver website for the latest information.

We are excited that DrupalCon Denver is still very affordable and also able to include even more programs to keep it affordable for the people in our diverse community who need and deserve a little more help.

Correction: Previous posting of this said the deadline is November 17th, which is incorrect. The deadline is November 18th.