Drupalgive initiative

April 9th, 2012

Hi friends. I’m hoping that you’ll support another Drupal community initiative that I’ve recently dreamed up. All you have to do is add a /drupalgive page to your organization’s web site.

Two organizations have published already at and These pages are based on a design by Nica Lorber of Chapter Three. Feel free to reuse this design or just publish a plain listing page. It is better to publish a plain page than none at all. Or use the Feature at

A /drupalgive page highlights the great work that your organization is doing for the Drupal project. Not only does your organization receive credit for the work you do, but we also nudge other organizations to give back as well. I expect that employees and potential hires from non-contributing organizations will start demanding to give back. This initiative gives those folks something to point to when advocating and educating inside their organization.

Here are examples of appropriate and inappropriate items for a /drupalgive page:

  1. A podcast educating folks about great Contrib modules.
  2. A link to a significant patch review or commit on
  3. A blog post about Drupalish wireframe templates that anyone can use.
  1. An announcement about your latest site launch (even
  2. A new video was added to your commercial video subscription service.
  3. New features for your paid Drupal hosting service.

Your /drupalgive page should also emit an RSS feed at /drupalgive/rss. We’ll add your feed to the new Planet Drupalgive (page, RSS). To get added to the feed, follow the Drupal Planet process. Lastly, please include a link to so that folks can learn more about the initiative.

One simple way to build a /drupalgive page is to add a ‘drupalgive’ term to your site taxonomy and tag posts with it. Alias the term detail page to /drupalgive and you are done. An alternative is to create a dedicated content type for these entries and a simple View at /drupalgive will show the listing.

Please comment below and lend your support or provide other input.