ds Slider

August 2nd, 2013

An intuitive Drag and Drop layered slider for Joomla! Easy to use drag-gable slider on layer timer controlling the transition. Powerful inline style editor, help you create CSS driven style in seconds.

Flexible, intuitive and user friendly banner slider for Joomla! 2.5, 3.0

YESlider is a banner slider extension for Joomla! It is the only visual banner slider editor for Joomla! YESlider is developed by the Yeedeen(First Temple) team and designed by DesignerSandbox. DesignerSandbox is the creator of DS Banner Slider, one of the most popular banner module in Joomla! extension listing. Both team had one goal in mind, we want to do a revolution banner slider editor where designer, developer or even web master can easily drag and drop to the position that they want. On top of that you can easily save the style for later use. With this amazing YESlider (Banner Slider Extension for Joomla!), with no HTML knowledge needed you’ll have the power to design your own slideshow in minutes. Our user experience team had study and test on the slider canvas editor for months, our goal is to make this slider easy to use, so all level of site builder out there can make any slider in minutes. If I were you, I will look no further (because there’s none). I would start create my new slide now!

Our goal for this component.
– NO Coding Needed
– Drag and Drop
– Dynamic Resizing (inner layer will dynamic resize accordingly)
– Mobile Ready
– Instant Style Editing
– Video Support (Vimeo and youtube) more to come
– Amazing Controls
– HTML5 & CSS3

Browser Support
YESlider been verified in the following browser
– Safari 4+,
– Chrome 4+,
– Firefox 3.6+,
– Opera 10+, and
– IE7+.
– iOS and Android devices are supported as well.

The demo are ready for you to play around with.
This is the frontend demo view

Login: demo
Password: demo

Note: The demo site will reset every day