Easiness login & register

August 16th, 2012

Easiness login & registerPresenting the latest Easiness login & register module

This module can be extensively configured; the following list shows you the major options:

Login/register/logged in form: on/off
Login form: vertical/horizontal mode
Login & register form validation: on/off
Username/email availability checker: on/off
password strength checker: on/off
Captcha slider: on/off
Individual reset and cancel buttons
Docking mode: on/off (dock: top/bottom + left/middle/right)
Form separation: individual or dual form display
top/bottom/left/right custom HTML for each form
plain/panel/lightbox: determine individually per form
4 themes
IE7+/FF/Chrome/Safari/Opera compability

and about +/- 50 other options to configure this module exactly to your needs!

Feel free to ask for support, request a feature or make a remark

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