Easy Ajax Contact

October 25th, 2013

Easy Ajax ContactEasy Ajax Contact Form is a very easy and flexible contact form which can be used to add any number of fields to the form.

Stacked Layout :
Aligned Layout :


Fully ajax based. Page won’t reload after page is submitted.
jQuery Based : Uses jQuery Library to validate and submit the form.
Unlimited form elements : Option to add textfield, textarea, dropdown, radio, checkbox and multiselect.
Captcha : Option to enable/disable captcha for the form.
Place Holder : Option to add place holder for the fields. The placeholder can be enabled or disabled.
Validation : Option to set field as required or not required.

Extra Validation : Extra fields like email and URL can be verified .
Validation Message : Validation message for each field can be added.
Form Styles : Two different form style; Stacked and Aligned.


Option to Enable/Disable jQuery library to avoid jQuery Conflicts
Module Suffix can be defined
Incase of conflicts javascipt(.js) files can be either loaded in body/head of the website.


Form Heading : Heading for the form can be added on the top of the form.
Styling Layout : Select Stacked or Aligned style.
Button Color : Color of the Button can be selected using color picker.
Input field Width : Input field width can be set in pixels.


Set captcha to enable or disable.
Message for captcha can be set.


Recipient Email : One of more email can be added separated by comma.
Email Subject : Subject for the email can be set.
Form Sucess and failure message can be set at the backend.
Email body before the form data can be added.