Easy Crop Image

December 26th, 2011

Easy Crop ImageEasy Crop Image is the most fast, easy and funny Joomla’s image editor.

Easy Crop Image helps you to crop and resize images for web (without using Photoshop or Gimp!) and to publish them immediately and easily in Joomla article or module.

Unlimited number of formats
Easy Crop Image lets you to define an unlimited number of file formats.

You can choose a format for the home page and a different format for every single section of the website. In this way you can define the same size, margin and alignment for all the images published in a single section.

Uploading of all type of image files (.jpg, .gif, .png)

Visual selection of the cropping area

Real time preview of the modifying image

The new name will show size, original name and version number (so you can have different details of the same image!)

Fast and easy inclusion of the created image in an article or module.

Resize of very big images according to size choosen in the parameters.

Ability to define the directory in which save the image created

Multiple Languages (English and Italian)