Easy Image Rotator

October 25th, 2013

Easy Image RotatorThis extension allows you to specify a single image or a folder for each menu item and displays these images appear in the respective deposit module position.

There are two parts an component and module that will be delivered as installation package.

The component part allows you to define the image or directory and also an title- and layer-text according to your menu tree.

With the module you can display a single image or multiple images depending on the stored path for active menu item on one or more positions on the page the stored path could also be overridden in the module to display individual images.

With the module parameters you can set the following options:

– Basic Options:
* Use image directory fallback
* Fitting Method
* Width and Height of the area
* Shuffle images

– Overwrite ImagePath Options
* Specific Image Folder (overwrite active menu path or image)

– Slider Options:
* Use Image Slider (Yes/No)
* Corp images (Cropping of the images size to the area where individual images have different dimensions)
* How long each slide will show
* Slider Effect(s) (Random, Fold, Fade, Slidedown)
* Animation speed
* Number of images to display
* Use title in alt- and title-attributes
* Display HTML Caption Layer

If you have any further ideas or questions please do not hesitate to contact me on my blog.