Easy Language

October 22nd, 2013

Easy LanguagePlugin for easy and immediate management of multilingual texts in every possible area of joomla, articles, components, modules, metadata, template, other components (example K2) etc.

Easy Language supports all languages ​​supported by joomla.

The parameter that filters the language is the language code URL. (es>en)

GUIDE: How to install and configure Easy Language–how-to-install-and-configure-easy-language.html

To use simply insert the code in template, editor and/or title of any component or module:

{lang en}Text english{/lang}
{lang it}Testo italiano{/lang}
{lang de}Deutsch Text{/lang}

v. 1.2.1
Integrated setting default language (only in articles) – see options plugin -;
Integrated ability to display the translated texts also in the admin panel – see options plugin -;
Optimized code to solve minor problems and special cases;

v. 1.1.0
Ability to apply patches to third-party components to manage the translation even where until now was not possible.