Easy Module Texter Pluss

January 30th, 2013

The module allow users to edit text and other content in any module position from front-end by clicking on a edit button in the right corner of the module. This new module makes the edit process much easier and less time consuming for the end-user. By clicking the edit button, the user will be able to add or edit content in the current module, using a selected Joomla editor plugin, similar to editing articles. The “BE Text Module” also implements access control, so you can decide which user group that will have access to edit content from front-end.

Key features:
✔ Front-end custom HTML editing
✔ Select your favorite WYSIWYG-Editor
✔ Change “view access level” from front-end
✔ Lightbox editor mode, for seamless integration with your site
✔ Many customizable options like size configuration or show/hide content
✔ Easy to learn and manage