Easy Seller

October 19th, 2013

Easy Seller is an easy, reliable extension to sell digital goods.
All you need is a PayPal acount to receive payments, simply install the extension, configure the must options, create downloads, publish downloads in any place in the page to start selling, you can make it within minutes! Easy Seller store the files in the hosting securely, easily set maximum allowed download days or download times for each transaction. The extension record transaction once received the PayPal IPN message and send email with the transaction details and unique download link to the payer, each item in the transaction would be locked if hacking risk detected.

Major Features :
-Store files securely by .htaccess and randomly folder name
-Login is not needded for customer to make the payment
-Intergrated with PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification), the whole process is automatically and reliable
-Both Buy Now payment and Shoping Cart payment are available
-Easy to customize buttons with your own images instead of default CSS3 buttons
-Email delivery template and Thank You Page template, some speical tags are available
-Sandbox mode for test purpose
-Support all PayPal currency codes
-Flash uploader intergrated, easy to upload and manage files
-Set permanent or limited time discount for each download
-Set maximum allowed download times and download days
-Display Buy Now button or Add to Cart button (or both) for each download
-Display buttons in articles, modules or any place in the page
-Easy to insert download by editor button, no need to remember or copy&paste any codes
-Easy to view transactions and details for each transaction
-Modify maximum allowed download times and download days of items in transaction
-Hacking risk detected
-Lock or unlock items in transaction
-Export CSV for transactions