Easy ShareThis Widget

August 15th, 2012

Easy ShareThis Widget is a customizable sharebar that can be easily implemented on any website.

★ Finally the best Custom Easy ShareThis Widget available! This extension will work with every style of website. Perfect for matching your theme or colors. Download today and give it a try!

Button Styles:

Large Icons Social Share Button
Horizontal Count Social Share Button
Vertical Count Social Share Button
Regular Social Share Button
Regular Button Social Share
No-Text Buttons Social Share Button

Types of Social Share Buttons:

LINKEDIN Social Share Button
Social Share Button
TWITTER Social Share Button
YAHOO Social Share Button
GOOGLE BUZZ Social Share Button
EMAIL Social Share Button
SHARETHIS Social Share Button
GOOGLE PLUS Social Share Button
FB LIKE Social Share Button

★ Alright it is finally time to go social and integrate our Custom ShareThis content sharing widget into your Joomla site with the Best Shared Custom ShareThis Widget for Joomla!

★ Share your content with others via a huge list of social networking sites or send others links to articles via email.

★ Forget complex source code embedded on every Joomla page and make content sharing easy with our powerful ShareThis Widget extension.

★ Use the ShareThis content plugin to embed the Easy ShareThis widget in your articles or position it anywhere with the Easy ShareThis for Joomla module. You can also manage your Easy ShareThis solution centrally with ShareThis for Joomla!’s Shared Article Manager.

★ One thing is for certain ShareThis is now the best way to have your client ShareThis content with their friends. Embed the ShareThis module on every page and watch your audience grow

Sharing your content is so important not only from a person social stand point but also from a social media view. Sharing can be difficult but thanks to Easy Share This Widget you now can share your social content with ease. Social engagement is important to businesses who want to increase their overall social awareness. With the social share module Easy Share This Widget you now can gain the social awareness that you were always looking for. Download this social share tool today and watch your social audience grow and share your content quickly!

Ways to Share Content:
Video Share
Article Share
Image Share
Page Share
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