Easy Zopim

October 3rd, 2013

The plugin loads nice zopim chat from service into a Joomla! site. Customers can contact you easily online.

Key Features:
– The plugin automatically chooses language by the default Joomla! language.
– For every language can be loaded different Zopim account.
– Texts are loaded from language .ini files, so they are possible to edit or you can easily add a new language translation.
– For now, there are: English, French, Czech, Greek and Russian.
– Zopim chat is loaded only where it is needed. It will not load into modal boxes or Joomla!-generated PDFs.
– Zopim will not load on mobile devices where is no space for that.
– For logged in users, the plugin will fill name and email to Zopim chat for them.

Since version 1.0.6, the plugin supports new Zopim widget v2.