December 11th, 2013

EasyCalc calculator consists of a component and a module. In the component, you define particular calculators which can be displayed at component under some menu item or in module anywhere in the site or inside of the article. It is also possible to display many calculators at one site.

The calculators are defined by a JavaScript formula and inputs as variables.

Variables can be of different types
– radio button
– slider
– number input
– text input
– conditions
– drop down
– plain JavaScript (jQuery)

Number of variables is infinite. As for the radio button – each option has a coefficient, as for the slider – you define unit, scope and step.

Component is updatable via Joomla Update Extensions Manager.

There are 2 predefined CSS styles ready to use, selectable from administration. It is possible to add new ones and component will automatically detects it and you can choose them from select list.

Component also support touch gestures and https.

You can download free version of this component from