November 9th, 2012

EasyCAPTCHA_efenceSimple and Easy CAPTCHA. Protects Joomla forms and is user friendly. Picture based CAPTCHA help user to solve CAPTCHA in less time and easier way, however, bots don’t get the same luxury. We don’t even call it CAPTCHA but just efence. Very effective for mobile and tablets. We also provide great control and flexibility in creating targeted brand images as pictures for guaranteed engagement. The same CAPTCHA provides a space where you can find a dedicated eyeball. You can place your own branding images, cross-sell, or advertise from external resources.

This product is built by team coming from Carnegie Mellon University where reCaptcha was founded and CAPTCHA term was coined. This also won best award at Carnegie Mellon Tech Contest. Tons of security features are serving in the backend to keep your website safe and secured. Free to use for everyone and opportunity for enterprises and large publishers to upgrade for other features and additional support.

So get your API keys from for a secured, simple and easy CAPTCHA experience for your users.