November 22nd, 2013

EasyCreator is a developer tool.
It tries to speed up the developing process of custom components, modules, plugins, libraries, templates, CLI- and Web Applications.
You can create a ‘frame’ for your extension and an installable zip package with just a few ‘clicks’.

EasyCreator tries to assist from the start to the release of your custom extension.
You can start up by creating a ‘frame’ (read: ‘hello world’ applications – slightly enhanced) for your extension based on predefined templates for components, modules, plugins and templates. This frame will be installed automatically into your running Joomla! installation. Ready to use.
You can also import your already existing and installed extension. Now it’s up to you to fill that frame with your custom code (we assume you already know about that 😉

EasyCreator also tries to assist you in the creation of multilingual extensions.
This is done by comparing the existing language file to each other and then examine the PHP and XML code for appearences of ‘JText::***’.
The results are then compared and give you a pretty overwiew of untranslated strings, missing and obsolete translations.
EasyCreator also assists you in the creation and modification of your language files.
We have also created an interface for managing translations which we think should speed up the process of getting your extension multilingual and should be easy to use for translators which generally are more comfort with a form than to edit some source code.

There is also an interface for creating config XML files for your component which is really handy to use. You will get a form with all available parameters for a given type.

We are actually doing some tests with PHP 5’s reflection class. You can inspect your classes with it’s methods and the Joomla! core class it extends. If you know Eclipse PDT you know what i mean. You will see all methods, parameters and doc comments like in phpDocumentor.

When you are ready to release a test (or final) version of your component, EasyCreator will do the arduous work of copying files and folders, creating the xml install file and packing the whole thing in a ZIP package with version number and creation date included.
So you can create an installable package instantly whenever you want.

If you are new to Joomla! development you will find lots of information about creating extensions for this great CMS.

If you are an experienced Joomla! developer you will get a helper aplication which can speed up some necesary tasks during the development of your component.

Creation of packages containing multiple Joomla! extensions.