Ebay Flash seller

February 23rd, 2013

Ebay Flash sellerAre you seller on Ebay and you want to promote your auctions on your website, to attract potential bidders?
Just select some parameters to match your needs and your listing will be automatically displayed in the module as a slideshow. This module uses the the latest API available on Ebay developer website.

New version 3.0

Parameters available:
– Seller ID
– Types of item (auction, all items).

– Sort order (End of auction, bid count, price plus shipping, current bid).
– Number of auctions.
– length of each slide
– 6 different languages
– site ID: localize your auctions in the 11 ebay different websites
– transparent background available
-5 different display sizes (rectangular, skyscraper or leaderboard).
– cachable in the parameter module
– new: social sharing on Facebook for each auction

Additional features:
– W3C compatible
– flash external interface: the flash interface is on our server, so updates of ebay API and improvements are automatically available on your website.
– You can build different versions of the widget for several pages.
– this version is compatible with php 4 and 5. No need for JSON library or SimpleXML lib.

This module is part of a viral widget for ebay available independantly from Joomla on this page:
And part of the eBay solution directory, as an eBay compatible Application:

Please don’t hesitate to ask for additional features. Thanks for your download