eColosseum TicketSeller

July 24th, 2012

eColosseum TicketSellerTicketSeller is a Joomla extension that allows you to integrate your Joomla website with eColosseum Ticketing System ( to start selling tickets online.

Key features of the TicketSeller extension are:

– manage list of events, titles or venues directly from Joomla administration
– extend the data imported from eColosseum system. You can paste images, videos and any content you want into the titles details to provide your visitors with all the information they need to buy the tickets to your events
– create links to the events published on eColosseum WebSale ( automatically. You don’t need to think about event event ids or other parameters being transmitted in urls when calling the WebSale
– other compatible extensions are available on request to webmasters such as calendar of events, search plugin or sliders. An Android app for ticket validation available to download as well.