Element Eicon for ZOO

October 24th, 2013

Element Eicon for ZOOAs the name implies this element can be either a text or an icon as an icon with the text to any element in an item.

To glue the element as icon or icon with text to the element in the settings must be put before eicon necessary element.

Eicon prepend to next? – radio button asks append (paste) this element to the next in the order of elements.
2. Eicon title – additional title (for seo)
3. Self text – ate you want you can add your own text or in conjunction with Eicon prepend to next? – NO -> you will have your text with their icon
4. Other class – A very necessary oprion allows to add your own classes for the element M for example if you use the online bootstrap CSS is enough in this field to register class “btn” and turn into your icon button …