July 21st, 2011

ElioproAllVideosThis “package” contains two plugins and one component that allows you to easily integrate video in your articles from more than 18 websites. The insertion of tags is facilitated by a clever function that you do not write everything manually.

Feature of this package :

– It is self-installing, that is to say that you do not need to decompress it first, same for the uninstall, select the package in the list of extensions, the component and the two plugins will be removed from a single click.

Note : do not forget to activate both plugins manager in Joomla! during installation 😉

Important : The detailed instructions for every site is built in the heart of the extension ElioproAllVideo, I invite you to visit it.

Tip : To test the plugin, you can create an article and paste all of his tags at once, if the videos were not removed from the various servers you should see all the videos at the same time or if all players of his sites!


Information :

A Pro version is under development, will incorporate more than 29 web sites by default with the addition of new web sites regularly in future versions. Output expected during August to early September 2011.

Last minute :

For site there is a small bug because the site have just change name to

Easy to use :

The large number of videos managed by this plugin naturally leads us to develop a simplified system integration of tags in order to spare you the tedious chore of manually add them in your articles.

Important note for Joomla 1.7 :

We must add the tags manually, the insert button does not work in this version is a patch to correct to the study.

*** Excuse me for my bad English, this is a translation with Google Translate (FRENCH to ENGLISH) ***