December 19th, 2013

EmeraldEmerald is an amazing, unique and oldest membership extension for Joomla. After 8 years of development and implementation of new ideas it become a beautiful extension that can satisfy anyone and be adjusted for any subscriptions scenario.

It’s unique feature is to restrict any section or action of any component without additional integration.

Emerald will let you create most flexible subscription plans possible.

– Set periods like 1 month or 2 year. Also you may set exact start and end date. Or set something like “Till the end of this month”.
– Limit how many time this subscription can be purchased total or per user, or per user in given period of time. You can also limit how many times this subscription can be used with different calculation modes.
– Set discount for first plan purchase.
– Create zero (0.00) price subscription plans.
– Group plans into groups.
– Make plans invisible but still active.
– Set success purchase landing page.
– Grant (give for free one time) created plan to all users, or grant it only to those who register after day of plan creation.
– Set email alerts text for successful, fail subscription creation or subsection cancel and expire.
– Payments gateways PayPal, 2CO, WebMoney, RBK, Skrill,, Google checkout, Robokassa, and many others…

Cross Planning

– Affect price of current the plan or beginning date depending on plans user had already purchased.
– Require other plans to be purchased.
– Grand (give for free) or deactivate other plans upon current plan success purchase.

Very flexible discount coupon system

– Create percentage discount, fixed amount or fixed sum coupons.
– Bind coupons to plans or user.
– Limit coupons total time to be used total or by user.
– Batch coupons generation.
– Set coupon automatic expiration date or start to be available date.

Multi User Access (MUA)

This amazing enterprise feature that allows users to share purchased subscription with limited number of other users.

Other features

– Analytics – Javascript/HTML/CSS based reporting system will show you a lot of useful data.
– Multilingual – Emerald all it’s plugins, gateways, actions and restriction adapters have language files for translation. We took care that every string got there. Even email alerts for plans can be translated through Joomla language overrides system.
– View article intro but protect full view for core Joomla articles restrictions.
– After success purchase land user to the page he was trying to access.
– Subscription history for members to check their subscription status.
– Invoice generator for purchased subscriptions.
– Create subscription manually.
– Every plan may have its own set of payment gateways with different settings.

Extensive Dashboard

– Quick icons to manage plans, subscriptions, coupons or see analytics.
– 10 last sales with state, user, gateway and gateway ID.
– Quick activation button for not activated subscriptions.
– Last 30 day