Entelligence: Grant Application, Submission and Review

April 12th, 2010

Entelligence: Grant Application, Submission and ReviewOne of the more intricate websites recently completed by ISL Consulting is the grant submission site, Entelligence built for Jobson Healthcare Information (JHI) in New York. The premise of the site is familiar to many, especially in the non-profit world: users register on the site and submit an initial proposal (this site accepts grant proposals from young scientists for research in cardiopulmonary medicine).

There are strict deadlines for submission. These are evaluated in detail by a Steering Committee (SC). Deliberations are managed by a Chairman, who assigns reviewers and collates the rankings and comments from SC members online. These are confidential until a final, simultaneous online/offline voting meeting that determines the winners. As the function of the site shifts, the administrative interface changes.

The website’s behavior also shifts substantially for applicants and judges depending on the grant submission stage.