Event Gallery

October 8th, 2013

Event GalleryUpload – Show Off – Sell

Event Gallery is an easy to use gallery component for Joomla. It supports flexible and responsive layouts and provides a unique way of presenting images. If presenting is not enough enable the cart! Let users browse through your images and buy them.

Event Gallery 3 adds a full cart&checkout process to the gallery.

But back to the initial description. The extension market for Joomla gallery components is pretty crowded. Because of this I decided to build another one ;-). Initially I wanted to present images for specific events. In addition people should be allowed to add comments to images. But requirement changed over time and more and more features where added while others remain unused.

Just one word to the used terminology. Because I wanted to display images for events, the used terms are chosen accordingly. Today an event is more a folder containing images. Maybe I’ll change this in later versions but currently it is like that.

Main Features

– Joomla 2.5 / 3.0 compatible
– Includes Google Picasa Webalbums and local stored images
– ICC profile support
– Image processing like sharpening
– Password protected folders
– Three configurable ways to display images: simple image list, pageable image list and ajax image list
– Comments for images
– Supports lightbox image view
– Image management using the back end
– Cart&Checkout for images
– swipe support for the lightbox and the lightbox is fixed in the screen
– Multiple file upload
– Social Sharing (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Direct Download, Pinterest)

Image browsing starts with an overview page. It displays all published events you have. If you want to have multiple overview pages you can tag the events and use those tags to create different overview pages. There are multiple options for rendering an overview page. Everything is configurable using the Joomla menu item configuration so you can configure each overview page differently.

The first event page I created was a pageable image list. In this display mode you have a list of images with standard Joomla paging. From this list you can get to the single image page. There you have some navigation elements and you can browse to the next/previous image using the arrow keys. Zooming an image using a kind of lightbox is possible too. One unique feature of the pageable image list is the ability to add comments to images. To prevent misuse of the commenting feature a simple captcha is included. That’s it. Simple image browsing.

If space is critical and you want to display images without the need for scrolling then the ajax image list is the right choice. You’ll get the zoomable image on the one side and a small pageable list of thumbnails on the other side. Browsing using arrow keys is possible. In addition you can browse through the images using the lightbox mode.