ExtendedDB People

September 11th, 2013

ExtendedDB PeopleExtendedDB People allows you to create an online database of People.

This is not for use to create a member directory but rather a list of perhaps famous or infamous people

Whether you use this to create a DB

ExtendedDB give you the abilty to add:

Movie Posters
Release Date
Actor Biography
and MUCH MUCH more

ExtendedMovies also comes with a variety of modules:

ExtendedDB Control, allowing you and specified Joomla group members to add/edit movies and actors from the front end of your Joomla site
ExtendedDB Genre Search. A dropdown list of Genre your members can select for easy searches
ExtendedDB Latest Movies
ExtendedDB Most Recently Viewed
ExtendedDB Wishlist

We have many more features in store for this one of a kind Joomla Extension.