August 7th, 2013

ExtendedDocsExtendedDocs (eDocs) is a very powerful solution to sell digital files. From software to eBooks and everything in between, eDocs is the solution you need. The easy to use comprehensive administrative panel makes setting up eDocs simple, fast and very professional.

eDocs allows you to set up a shopping cart style sales system so that your users are not having to purchase one file at a time. You can also create bundles to help you promote more sales and the opportunity to cross sell your products. And if that’s not enough, how about adding discount codes for specific items and offer a discount on renewal of updates/upgrades/subscriptions or whatever else you decide to sell with eDocs.

eDocs allows you to configure your emails to you and your clients with the Joomla WYSIWYG editor of your choice. Set up your emails in a fashionable layout. If you’ve set up eDocs to sell items for a time period, how about an email reminder to your members of when their subscription is about to expire.

With eDocs, we’ve added many features to help you sell and keep selling your digital products easily and continuously. Here is a small list of features included in eDocs

Shopping cart style sales
Email reminders
Multi level Categories and subcategories
Bundle packaging of products
Customizable Receipts allowing your clients to download PDF receipts after purchase
100% Joomla MVC
Optional Payment methods
Set Order Status Paid, Unpaid, Canceled, Expired
View order status at a glance
File Attributes
Searchable License Codes
Coupons per product, bundle or ALL Products
IP Management (Track from which IP your clients are downloading from
Limit X downloads in any given time period by user or IP
Meta settings for eDocs as well as individual files
Percentage or Fixed amount discount on renewal of any product