Facebook Comments Master

October 30th, 2013

Any good joomla website needs a comment system so users can express their opinions in certain articles, blog categories, etc. The problem is that joomla with such extensions, components, plus modules, plus plugins turns into a slow, obese website with very slow page load times. All these extensions have the hassle of creating conflicts with other joomla extensions, a huge mess of errors. There is also the learning curve of how to use these components, where users can post, who can post, what is spam, moderated or not, etc. One word Obsolete!!

Joomla Facebook Comments Master takes all this hassle of your hands and website. Let your joomla users leave comments inside your website using facebook. Let facebook take all the load of the comments, moderation and spam (you can ultimately moderate and delete comments). But wait, the best part is that it turn your joomla website viral because all comments are also posted in the user facebook wall referencing your website and with a thumb image. Not done yet, what if by any really strange chance your users do not have a facebook account? Problem solved, they can use their Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL accounts to post and comment. It’s all gain, gain, gain.

Joomla Facebook Comments Master is all about gain and viral…

Extension Options:
joomla module light as a feather that turns your website facebook viral
Incredible fast loading times with html5, code totally new
Say NO to Javascipt errors, conflits and bad page load times.
also accepts Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL accounts to post and comment
Uses new facebook api
Improved Moderation Settings
Optimized Mobile Support Added
Facebook Application Connection
Posts to Display: Number of posts to display
Module Width: Module width to fit your template
Color Scheme: Light / Dark
Module Class Suffix: Module Class Suffix
Caching: Yes / No
Publish inside Joomla articles, Ready!