Facebook Comments Plugin

November 29th, 2013

Facebook Comments PluginReplaces {fcomment} tag in any content with Facebook Comments Module: Facebook Comments are tied to URLs. This plugin provides full URL of the article to the Facebook module, which effectively means that each of your article containing this tag will start a separate comment flow. The plugin is language sensitive, it will detect content language automatically and pass it along to Facebook. Plugin parameters are: the Width of the module and the Number of posts. If you provide a Facebook Application ID then you will be able to moderate the comments, see the plugin description for details.

v1.0.15, v1.7.15: new parameter og:url meta tag can be switched off
v1.0.16, v1.7.16: Facebook Open Graph parameters are more strict, fix to handle this
v1.0.17, v1.7.17: fcomment_sendmail.php path bug is corrected
v1.0.18, v1.7.18: new inline parameter url to override FB url
v1.0.19, v1.7.19: method=”upgrade” added to installation XML
v1.0.20, v1.7.20: sendmail bug corrected, now it sends mail again!
v1.0.21, v1.7.21: new inline parameter num_posts
v1.0.22, v1.7.22: new inline parameter width
v1.0.23, v1.7.23: bug fix, to remove PHP warning for undefined variable
v1.0.24, v1.7.24: added plugin parameter “User-agent”
v1.0.25, v1.7.25: AppID bugfix for “plain” interface
v3.0.26: first release for Joomla 3.0
v3.0.27: security vulnerability removed from sendmail()
v3.0.28: J3 sitename

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