facebook wall and social integration

December 16th, 2013

facebook wall and social integrationFacebook wall and social integration shows wall posts of page/profile/group and also shows facebook comments,like button,activity feed,follow button in your website.

The best feature is displaying feed of the posts of your facebook page,profile,group in your website.You will only have to put facebook id of page or profile or group and access token in the module settings.

You can also display facebook comments to get thousands user comments for any page of your site

You can also display facebook like button to show how many likes your pages received and any one can like any of your page by clicking that button

You can also display facebook activity feed of any website in details

You can also display facebook follow button which lets a user follow your public updates on Facebok

You can set which view your module will show from module view settings.There are a lot of settings available for each view.

Imagine how it brings facebook in your site!.View our demo & images for all the details 🙂

Features –

1.Graph API usage for profile/page/group feeds

2.There are many settings for each of the five views

3.manage height and width of wall posts like button in feed view comments in feed view can show number of posts in feed view

7.have the ability to show guest entries too

8.nice scroll plugin integrated

9.color settings for wall and comments can specify how many comments to show for comments view can set like button url as current page or any page css and loads fast

13.module is now responsive(mobile ready) on all device sizes


version 1.1: language functionality has been added
version 1.2: like and comment button added per post,like button added on each comment.

“view all comments” link added to show rest of the comments when clicked

more design settings has been added and other minor fixes
version 1.3:
module updated with facebook “july 2013 breaking changes”. because of this previous module buyers need to generate access token again from
our site and use that token in module settings

comments paging has been added so that there is a choice to show whether specific number of comments or all comments

Color picker added in module design settings

other minor fixes
version 1.4:
module updated with facebook’s “october 2013 breaking changes”, without this version like count per post will not be seen after 2nd october 2013.

now access token generation can be done by buyers application to be safe, details on documentation
version 1.5:
module is now responsive (mobile ready).
number of shares per post of page has been added & other fixes