Facebook Widget Slider

August 22nd, 2013

Facebook Widget SliderThe Facebook Widget Slider is a great addition to your website. It allows visitors to your page access your Facebook news feed, photos, videos, posts and more, all without ever leaving your website. The Facebook Widget Slider is available on the Joomla platform and works with all versions.

Some of the many benefits and advantages that you will appreciate about this Facebook widget include the following:

i) Visitors to your site can easily see what is going on over at Facebook. You can easily gain new Facebook fans in this manner, as well as help spread the word about your company.
ii) Complete documentation.
iii) Can be used with all Joomla websites
iv) People can ‘like’ your Facebook page without leaving your site
v)People can make posts and like other peoples posts without leaving your site.
vi) Visitors can click on your company name and easily visit your Facebook page if they so desire.
vii)Free support for six months after you download the software. This support is available to help answer questions, give you tips and guidance and more, and is available 24/7.
viii) jQuery based, but can easily be disabled if need be.
ix) Custom Templates are available. These templates offer the chance to customize your Widget just the way that you like it.
x) Gain more Facebook fans and followers.
xi) Highlight a slideshow directly from Facebook on your website.
xii)Easy to install –the Facebook Widget Slider is easy to install and takes only a matter of minutes to download and add to your website.
xiii) Post status updates, view and respond to comments on your photos, videos and other posts and make special announcements on your Facebook page without ever leaving your website.
xiv) Easy to make changes any time that you like. Whenever you have something that you want people to see you can make the changes to the Facebook widget and ensure that this is just what they get.
xv) Change sounds/colors in a few clicks of the mouse, all without ever visiting Facebook.
xvi) The Facebook widget is really entertaining. There is always something going on that people can see and do with the help of this widget. People will want to visit your site with the Facebook widget.
xvii) Show Faces, Header and Border, Streamer, tons of other features.
xviii) The Facebook Widget Slider can be adjusted to the height and width of your choosing, making it easy to add to your site without making it look cluttered or unprofessional.
xix) With the Facebook Widget Slider you can give visitors something more. They will want to stay on your site longer, and they’ll come back for more and more. Who knows? With this Widget they may be inspired enough to tell others about you as well.

There are billions of people using the Facebook Slider widget and if you are not one of those people you should be! This awesome widget will enable you to enjoy all of the features listed above and many more.