Fancy Joom Splash

January 1st, 2012

My need (well one of my client) was simple :
– Open a popup at the opening of its website that can display an image or text.
– The display time of the popup should be configurable.
– It should be “modern” hence the choice of FancyBox.

Fancy Joom Splash is now based on version 1.3.4 of FancyBox. The author has releasing a new version, I think eventually use it.

Most module options are those of FancyBox, I suggest you visit the author’s website for more information.

By playing with these options you can really provide different visual effects.

What I added :

Article ID : enter here the ID of the article will display in the popup.

What kind of content? : ‘Img’ for image – ‘text’ for an article containing text and images – ‘Flash’ to insert a SWF file.

Unique name: This will be used to create a cookie that will be managed according to your choices :
lifetime : ‘session’: The popup will be displayed when opening the site. If the user closes their browser, the popup will be displayed again and again once.
permanent: the popup is displayed all the time.

Note that it is entirely possible to display the popup for a particular page, you just have to do assign Fancy Joom Splash to an existing menu link.