September 25th, 2013

FCChat connects your web site users with chat, video conferencing, instant messaging and more.

Upgrade Notices:

Upgrading the chat will sometimes trigger the automatic reboot of your chat server. This process takes 1-2 min. During this time, your chat will not function properly. Keep trying to reconnect for a few minutes until the transfer is complete.

After upgrading, make sure you clear your browser cache and refresh the page.

Upgrading from a version prior to If you have changed the default location of the full page chat, you will need to copy the new fcchat/html/chat/index.php file to this location, and set $FCCHAT_BASE_URL once again.

When you upgrade to a new version, any customizations you made to the chat files will be erased. In order to save those changes, do the following:

1) Make backup copies of any files that you have altered. You may wish to make backups of the following folders: (fcchat/config, fcchat/languages, fcchat/styles, fcchat/html/config). Place them in a safe place where they will not be deleted.

2) Next install the new version.

3) Finally, manually copy the changes you made to the old files into the current version’s files. Do not replace the new files with the old files, as the structure of the new files may have changed; but instead, use the wordpress file editor to make the changes line by line.


Versions 3.6 introduces the Chatbox, which is a site-wide chatroom. For more info, visit this page:

Versions 3.5.1 adds a few administrative shortcuts and enhancements.

Versions 3.5. adds a “Contacts” button to the toolbar, which replaces the old “Friends” button. The contacts panel now consists of both the friends list, and a new feature – “Recent Conversations”.

Version 3.4 features an updated look for the toolbar, with a new, all white theme. The toolbar now supports one touch conversation switching and conversation filtering. A few bugs have been fixed from the previous version as well.

In the next version, we will be adding a page discussion feature, so that you can have a chat room for each page or topic on your site’.


Real time text chat

Video Chat/Video Conferencing (6 Simultaneous Cams)

Pop-out Mode: Launch Chat into a separate window

Public rooms/Private Rooms

Instant messaging/Private Chat

Upload images

User profiles

Collaborative whiteboard



2-player games

Split-screen Mode: Show the chat side by side with your site

Language translation feature

Assign titles to users

Customizable smileys/avatars

Country Flags

Customizable sounds

Customizable language templates

Customizable style templates

Administration/moderation panel

Web based file editor


View the full FCChat Changelog here: