Featured ADs for ADsManager

August 4th, 2013

Featured ADs for ADsManagerThis module adds a scrolling/non-scrolling ‘Featured Items’ section to your website for your Classified ADs component. If a user wishes to be included in the Featured AD section they can automatically post a payment via Paypal for the term of their choosing (15 days/$5, 30 days/$10, 60 days/$15, Etc.). The terms and amounts can be set in the Admin back end.

The features of this module are:
You can create up to 5 different term/payment options (1 month -> $20, 3 months -> $30 and so on).
You can choose whether to have your ads scrolling or non-scrolling.
Paypal built-in.
Allows admin to add and delete featured items from front end.
It will only allow the option to Feature an ad if one is registered on the site and have at least 1 ad in place.

The payment processing allows multiple ads to be paid for at one time (shopping cart style).
Allow for no payments, which means that the users must request to have their ADs featured.
Added AD id’s to listings for better identification by the users.
You can have both horizontal and vertical displays on your website.
You can set the color and size of the text, background color and border color of the featured ads via back end parameters.
Parameters to control which ads manager pages can display the Featured Ads.

This works with Classifieds Redux (a greatly enhanced classifieds Ads component) for Joomla 3.0/2.5/1.5 and the original Ads Manager.

4.8 – Imporved image handling for newer versions of Apache and PHP.
4.7 Upgraded to Joomla 3.0+ standards.

upgraded to handle new image naming scheme as employed by adsmanager’s latest release (270 rc4).
upgraded redirection anomalies
added mysql error trapping for all queriesVers.

the add to featured forms for both the user and admin are now using the same background and border colors as the Featured ads display
added the ability to show the most popular ads (the free ads module has now been dropped)
allow module to be shown on pages other than Classifieds Redux pages.

date_format parameter to avoid resetting in php.ini or language files every time an upgrade is made
new flag to allow ads to display for the category one is viewing.
enter a specific category id (will always show ads only from this category),
0 = any and all ads will be selected to be displayed in Featured Ads
-1 = only ads from the currently viewed category/sub-category will be displayed
-2 = only ads from the root category of the selected sub-category will be displayed
parameters for ad headline display, allow 1 or 2 lines and the length of the lines
Added language translation files for French, German, Italian and Spanish.