Featured Categories

October 18th, 2013

Featured CategoriesYou can use this extension in order to show articles from your favorite categories grouped in separate category boxes.

You can choose how many leading articles with or without introtext & image and how many secondary items with only the title.

Version updates:

• 1.7.0: Possibility to bold the first sentence of the introtexts.
• 2.5.0: Possibility not to link the category title as requested by mudotmy, thank you!
• 2.5.1: Possibility to create and display images thumbs.
• 2.3.0: Show/Hide “More Articles” link on the bottom of each category.
• 3.0.1: New options to randomly order the articles and to link the images.
• 3.0.3: New option to shorten the articles titles.
• 3.1.0: Pagination for every category using ajax.
• 3.1.3: Setting a default image for articles without image.
• 3.2.1: Grabbing YouTube thumbnails from eventual embed videos.