Featured Items

April 19th, 2013

Featured ItemsA module extension that displays a short excerpt from articles in a selected category, with link and optional thumbnail image. You can choose the number of characters displayed, the section and category to be displayed, and whether to display thumbnail using the module parameters.

You can specify individual articles, as well as categories and sections.

You can set the thumbnail size, also the articles can be ordered in a variety of ways, allowing the module to function like the ‘latest news’ module, or the ‘most read’ module according to your choice. The module can also display articles in a random order, allowing you to display a random selection of articles from a category or section.

The module also includes integration with JomSocial and Community Builder. It can be used to display articles by the profiled user whenever a user profile is viewed.

Further features include:-

1. Firstly the entire article intro text can be displayed, with all html tags, or just an extract.
2. The module supports content plugins.
3. As well as pre-selected categories the module can display articles from the current category or section. This is a powerful feature that now means that you can do things like display a random article, or the latest article from the category currently being viewed.

**Note** many years ago, when this was a non-commercial extension, the module template included ONE link to my own site, it was not ‘hidden away in the source code’, it was clearly visible in the template, and you could easily remove it by deleting it from the file tmpl/default.php . The link text said ‘module by Inspiration’. I believed that it should be acceptable to include a link to my own site in my own work, in return for giving it away for free. This is something that many template and extension makers do.

The link was removed several years ago.

The latest version 3.0.0 is compatible with Joomla 3.0