Featured Products Grid for Virtuemart

October 14th, 2013

This is an alternative to the Virtuemart featured products module. It can be used to show featured products, top ten products, recent products, and random products from some or all categories.

It has two views, a grid view and a list view: the list view can be used to show product information.

The module is particularly useful when you want to display additional images for your products, as these are shown in a scroller.

The module is versatile. The size of the images are adjustable, as is the height and width of each cell (and so the numbers displayed per row can be adjusted). You can chooce whether or not to show the price and add to cart button. There is a choice of transition effects for the images.

The module can be used to filter the products by selected categories, or the current product category can be used when the product category browse page or product flypage is being used.

We take our product support seriously. We offer documentation online, also a support forum, plus customers can contact us directly for support. We are also happy to answer questions about our products before sale.

Version 2.0.2 includes some bug fixes