FedEx Shipping for Virtuemart

August 28th, 2013

FedEx Shipping for VirtuemartThis software provides FedEx shipping integration with Virtuemart shopping cart based on the weight of the products in a customer’s cart.

– The FedEx Shipping plugin v1.0 integrates FedEx API v13 using cURL (this is a non-SOAP plugin).
Works in Joomla! versions 1.7 & 2.5. Virtuemart 2.0.4 and greater.
– 7 US Domestic shipping options and 5 International options.
– Options to add delivery confirmation with a direct, indirect or adult delivery signature.
– Ability to send the Declared Value of the package which represents FedEx’s maximum liability for the package in the case of loss or damage.
– Support to automatically detect the delivery to a business address to provide more accurate shipping costs.
– Automatically update shipping cost for the selected FedEx shipping method when the cart is modified.
– Supports Virtuemarts ability to auto select the shipping method during checkout if only one shipping service is available.
– Add percentage or flat dollar handling fee for each FedEx shipping method. For example, Fedex Ground could have a 5% handling fee while FedEx 2 Day could have a 7% handling fee. The percentage handling fee can be based on the shipping method cost or the total cart cost.
– Ability to pad the weight of the entire contents in the cart by a percentage prior to making the API call to FedEx to get the shipping rates. This allows you to use estimated weights on each product.
– Option to offer customers your discounted FedEx account rate or always show the FedEx list rates. This is a global setting for all FedEx shipping options.
– Supports various packaging types: Your Packaging, FedEx Envelope, FedEx Tube, FedEx Pak, FedEx Box, FedEx 25KG Box, and FedEx 10KG Box. This is a global setting for all FedEx shipping options.
– Ability to select the typical pickup type for your business for more accurate rating. The options are: Regular Pickup, Request Courier, Business Service Center, Drop Box, or Station.
– Ability to limit specific FedEx shipping options based on country, zipcode ranges, order amount or shopper groups. These options allow Free Shipping capability for certain orders.
– The use of Virtuemart tax rules for FedEx shipping methods.
– Shipping costs based on product/cart weight (currently does not support cart size dimensions or total weights greater than 150lbs).
– One request is made to FedEx external web service for all methods defined in Virtuemart to ensure the fastest response.
– Ability to use a proxy server when initiating the web service call to FedEx (some hosting environments require the use of a proxy server).
– One-time payment to use on all your websites forever. Subscription provides support for 1 website domain and updates for 1 year.
– Works along side our USPS shipping plugin and our UPS shipping plugin.

One-time payment to use on all your websites for ever. Subscription provides support for 1 domain and updates for 1 year.