August 22nd, 2013

FeedGatorFeedGator imports RSS feeds into your Joomla! database as content items. The import can be into any kind of content component as long as there is a plugin to support it.

FeedGator is the original RSS feed aggregator but it has been significantly updated with new features like full text importing. Please note: FeedGator does not display content items, that is done by the receiving content component.

Features Include:

– Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5 native
– PHP 5.4.x compatible
– Plugins for native content, K2
– Other plugins to be updated (FLEXIcontent, Kunena, Mosets Tree, Zoo)
– RSS feed content can be stored to any content component (with plugin)
– RSS 0.90 to 2.0, Atom 0.3, 1.0, Dublin Core, iTunes RSS and XHTML 1.0. For a full list check the SimplePie FAQ item on this subject. Now includes SimplePie over-rides to fix encoding issues.
– Full text importing using Readability port by FiveFilters
– Feed import preview to check your settings and end result
– Feed filtering based on whitelist/blacklist set for each feed
– htmLawed (X)HTML filter, processor, purifier, sanitizer and beautifier for imported text
– Filter HTML to exclude unwanted sections or tags
– Filter and replace text to edit/alter/censor where needed
– Enclosure support built-in
– Image and enclosure downloading
– Access control for imported content
– Variety of built-in and external metadata generation options (keyword tagging)
– Trackback (, supported) and link handling
– Import tracking and duplicate handling
– Automatic feed caching
– Automated imports using cron
– Easy to read HTML reports online or via email
– Automated Facebook posts or Tweets via AutoTweet NG

– Intelligent upgrade – simply install on top of any version of FeedGator higher than 2.0!


Latest Development: VERSION 2.4beta3hotfix1 – ALWAYS BACKUP FIRST

Major version release. Massive code rewrite. Change the plugins to Joomla plugins to ease install/upgrade issues.

The uninstall process for 2.4 still removes the FeedGator database tables. YOU WILL LOSE ALL FEEDGATOR DATA WHEN UNINSTALLING.

Many, many, many features and developments for 2.4 including:
-Revamped admin again with better workflow
-Revamped and reworked code for many areas
-Easy installer and upgrade path
-Better focussing of the source text parser for difficult sites
-Better HTML tag cleaning and neutralising by attribute
-Better image extraction from sites
-Video extraction from feeds and sites
-Image handling by the content plugin (e.g. K2 images)
-Better tagging support – OpenCalais, Yahoo content.analyze
-Ability to set fopen or cURL wrappers depending on your setup
-Lots of bugfixes