Fields and Filters

August 27th, 2013

Fields and FiltersFields and Filters is a manager to manage the additional fields as well as the ability to filter them. (elements).
Component does not overwrite the Joomla core files.

– easy ability to manage fields
– 4 fields – input, image, textarea/editor, checkboxlist (checkboxlist field can be use to filtering)
– flexible configuration
– add fields to different position of the article
– add values field without first saving article
– convection of editing article view with Fields and Fields, does not require the opening of the component in modal window
– default field templates

– module to display fields type filters
– ajax filtering articles
– using the list view articles, without any additional CSS styles for the view filters
– default filter templates

Changelog – v.1.1.1
– One Installation for Joomla! 2.5.x and 3.x.

– [fix] when the image field is saved, returns an error.
– [fix] after saving the article, thumbnails and/or images are not created in the image field.

– [new] now can change selector of pagination for the filters in Plugin Extension: content
– [fix] when turn on Engine Friendly URLs, pagination stops working.
– [fix] when the precision php is too low, the request filtering do not have permission

New features – v.1.1.0
– Fields could be assigned to many positions of Article/Blog/Featured for Fields
– Static – new group of Fields, once enter the value could be assigned to many positions of articles
– You can insert Fields anywhere on your site by using Syntax:
     * in the same article and component: #{field_id}
     * in another article and the same component: #{field_id,article_id}
     * in another component: #{field_id,article_id,option(e.g. com_content)}
– One can also use Syntax in description Fields
– Layout alternative/overrides in Fields

– New methods of comparison between Filters and Filter Values. This option could be changed in component, plugin extension (content) and modules
– Layout alternative/overrides in Filters

Fields and Filters require PHP 5.3+