File Listing for DOCman

July 11th, 2013

2.6.2 2013-07-10 / Omar Ramos
# Fixed an Issue with the “New” Label (I’m not longer using the default 7 Day setting within DOCman 2.0 and instead allow you to set the number of days you want files to be considered “New” in the plugin)
+ Added new “table_labels_in_columns” and “nestedtable_labels_in_columns” layouts which show the New, Edit, Download/Details, and Locked By columns in individual columns.

2.6.1 2013-07-04 / Omar Ramos
! Happy 4th of July 🙂
# Just tested with DOCman 2.0 RC1 and noticed there was a Fatal Error due to a class name change for RC1. Added some code to detect this and do the right thing so the plugin can run on either the Beta or RC properly.

New 2.6.0 version adds in DOCman 2.0 support (released March 10th, 2013)!

If you are using DOCman 1.6, please continue to use DOCman List 2.5.4+ (version 2.6.0 is NOT compatible which DOCman 1.6).

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This plugin is compatible with Joomla 1.7/2.5!

Membership is $9.99 for 1 Month, or $30 for 1 Year (aside from DOCman List, I also have a Content Update Notifications plugin with more useful extensions coming!).

Please try the new NESTEDTABLE layout available in 1.5.9+ and 1.7.0+…it’s pretty cool!

This plugin provides a simple way for users to create a tabular list of file links given one or more DOCman Category IDs. Usage Examples: {docmanlist get_subfolders 2 123} will get category 123 plus all of its subfolders and files up to 2 levels deep and display them in a table. {docmanlist 34|56|78} will get categories 34, 56, and 78 and display them in a table. You may also filter out certain subcategory names if needed by specifying one or more filters: {docmanlist get_subfolders 3 102:Subcommittees|123:Agendas,Minutes}

This is the first commercial extension available from orware (we already have at least 3 more coming down the pipeline over the next 2-3 weeks).

Please check out the demo page above to see some examples of the functionality of the plugin.

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