Fixed Vertical Social Crowd

April 23rd, 2013

Fixed Vertical Social CrowdFixed Vertical Social Crowd is a Joomla System plugin that retrieves the count/number of Friends/Followers from your favorite social networks and displays them on a vertically fixed side button on the site.

At Codeboxr we are always striving to develop new method of social engagement. If your business or company’s social media engagement is vibrant, you definitely want to give that information to your site’s users.

Use Social Crowd and place it on your site and proudly display how many social followers or likes you’ve got. It is a great perfect solution to encourage more users to join your social network. Since it appear on the side of the site, this keeps your content totally free and encourage visitors to check it out.

What is great about this plugin:

We’ve given you tons of options to control the styling so that it matches perfectly with your site. You can choose to show it on Home page or not. You may skip with ItemIds. You can provide custom image for the button with custom height and width control, input vertical position, and choose to show on left or right. You can also change colors and rounded corner on/off. Compatible with mobile device, you have the ability to turn on /off for mobile device. Have separate controls for container and share box. It comes with built-in style options, can enable or disable gradient and control the name and labels for all the social media supported. This gives greater flexibility to change settings easily from admin section. For details see the admin


Supported Social Networks:
• Facebook Page
• Twitter (Uses Twitter Connect Api 1.1)
• YouTube

More Features:
• Skip option on Home page
• Skip options for specific Item ids
• Disable if offline
• Mobile device detection
• Float panel background color option using color picker
• Float panel border color option using color picker
• Float panel round corner selection
• Float left or float right
• Vertical placement with percentage or px
• Setting Round Corner Radius of Vertical Button
• Share box use round corner, gradient,border
• Share box color: Gray,Dark,Clean

See Demo: