FJ Related Articles Blog and List Component

December 10th, 2013

New version for Joomla! Version 3.2 and 3.1!

Break free from Joomla’s single Category restriction. Did you ever want to put an article into two or more categories? List selected articles from multiple categories? Create a blog or list based on author?

This component allows you to create a blog or list layout based on keywords and author. So you can create any number of menu items showing articles based on any combination of keywords.

* Create blog or list layouts exactly like the standard Category blog and list layouts, but using keyword and author matching instead of Category.
* Optional match on Author or Author Alias as well as keywords.
* Option to include articles with ANY matching keywords or only articles where ALL keywords match.
* Option to limit articles based on Section or Category.
* Option to show matching keywords and sort based on best match.
* November 7, 2013: Version 3.0.0 now available for Joomla versions 3.2 and 3.1.
* January 7, 2010: Version 1.0.10 now available. Allows you to select Published or Archived. Also allows editing from layouts.
* August 29, 2009: Version 1.0.7 now available. Allows you to create a blog or list without needing an Intro Article. Also, allows you to show all articles written by the currently logged in user.
* June 9, 2009: Version 1.0.6 now available. This adds a new option to use an exact match on keywords. So keyword lists must have the same words and be in the same order to match.
* May 7, 2009: Version 1.0.5 now available. This adds a new parameter that allows you to link to other FJ Related menu items instead of articles. If a related article is an Intro Article for another FJ Related menu item, you can link to this menu item instead of to the article.
* April 12, 2009: Version 1.0.4 now available. It fixes problem with upgrades causing Into Article to be lost. Also adds Italian langage.
* March 12, 2009: Version 1.0.3 now available. It fixes minor display problem.

Here is how it works. You create an article with the desired keywords and author information. Then you create a blog or list layout and select this article for the menu item. That’s all there is to it! The blog or list layout will show all articles that match the keywords and author information of the menu item’s article.

See the Demo page for a quick tour of what you can do.