FJ Related Articles Plus

November 13th, 2013

This extension does everything the core Related Articles module does and adds a number of handy features, including:
* Now available for Joomla version 3.2 and 2.5!
* New! Option to include list of keywords for every page.
* New! Sort articles in random order.
* New! Show module on any page of any Menu Item Type (not just article layouts)
* New! Include articles based on Section, Category, Author, or Author Alias, unrelated to the current article in view or current Menu Item
* New! Only show articles that have a minimum number of matching keywords
* New! Pick Sections, Categories, Authors, and Author Alias values from a list instead of entering ID numbers
* Limit the list of related articles by count
* Limit the list to selected Sections or Categories (including the current article’s Section or Category)
* New! Enter a list of keyword phrases to ignore when finding related articles. This is handy if you have some keyword phrases that are used in all of your articles.
* Sort the list by number of matching keyword phrases (“best match”)
* Sort the list by keyword phrase
* Display the matching keyword phrases
* New! Include articles by the same author or author alias.
* New! Option to see article preview in tooltip.
* New! Option to see last modified date or created date.
* New! Option to include all articles in the same category as the current article.
* New! Option to ignore all keywords and just match on author or category.
* Numerous other options For more information about FJ Related Articles Plus, see the tutorial page at You can download this extension here: