Flash News Module

September 11th, 2011

A stylish way to display your most important news or products on the frontend or in any place you want of your Website. Suport for unlimited character number , images(jpg,png,gif etc.) , youtube videos , flv video files and 8 Font Families for your main news text.


Global Width and Height.
News box Width and Height.
Thumbnails Width and Height.
Intro text Length, color, color on mouse over.
You can set the Intro page color, making your module visible on any website background.
Also,set the Intro page color on mouse over.
Read more button normal color and on mouse over .
Scroll bar and Scroll button color.
You can set whatever text you want for the news counter (e.g=Displaying news 3 of 10).
You have a share button who will let visitors to share your news on Facebook or Twitter. You can set it to share any url you want.
If you choose to use an youtube or flv video file , you have the option to set the Width and the Height for both of them.
You can set also the date for your news, the font color and size for it and the font size and family for your main news text.
You can choose to set a Read More button. Options for it: text,text color,url and url target.
The text from the news text box can be customized to any limit html text can be, including color, links, font, alignment, etc.
This module contains 10 (ten) predefined slides.You have the option to block any slide you don’t want.
You can use this Joomla! module at any required size.