Flexible Content module position

July 31st, 2011

Flexible content module position for joomla a content plugin for joomla which will allow to add module(s) in article in different ways. Have a look into the plugin’s configuration page on screenshot attached.

*Skip home page or not
*Skip by item id
*Skip home page or not
*Supported Components
**Content (com_content)
*** Skip Category view
*** Skip Section view
*** Exlcude category(s) by id
*** Exclude section(s) by id
*Possible Module positions
**After Title
**Before Content
**After Content
**Inside Content(pending feature)
*Possible ways of module(s) injection
**Module position name(s)
**Module id (s)
**Use comma separator for muktiple module position name or **multiple module id
**Position name or module id both can be used