Flexible – Virtuemart Zoom Effect

April 25th, 2013

Flexible - Virtuemart Zoom EffectResponsive Zoom Effect for Virtuemart.

Add a nice zoom effect to product pictures in Virtuemart. Cross-Browser Support. NEW! Now Supports IOS, Android and Tablets as well!

Zooms when mouseOver, Lighbox popup when Clicked.

All world-wide well-known eCommerce store is using this feature nowadays, why don’t you?

Additionally It is now supported by iPad, iPhone, Androids and other smart-phones as well. This is a big plus!! Even’s Zoom Effect doesn’t work in touch-based mobile devices, yours will work 😉

The Extension is working with VIRTUEMART v1.1.X and VIRTUEMART 2.0.XX as well.

The “Slider Extension” is also included. Do you have more than 3 additional pictures and there is no enough space to list them all? No problem, the thumbnail slider takes care of them. The additional pictures will be listed inside the slider and this slider comes FREE with the Zoom Effect, you don’t need to pay extra to get that feature.

General Information:

Flexible – Virtuemart Zoom Effect on Product Page Extension gives you Nice zoom effect to main picture and additional pictures on product detail page. Module Comes with several user-friendly parameters. Flexible virtuemart zoom effect extension has now more user-friendly backend interface which makes more sense for ordinary users. You don’t need to be a coder or programer. Just install the extension, set the parameters depends on your needs and you are good to go.

DEMO: Virtuemart Zoom Effect Demo. (see all zoom types in action)

Other Important Specifications:

– Zoom types: Standard, InnerZoom
– Adjustable zooming box size
– Alter the opacity of lens
– Fade-in, fade-out effect for Zoom Box
– Alter distance of zooming box
– Smooth moving
– Zoom Box Position: Right, Left, Top, Bottom
– Easy Installation

*** Full free support in case something goes wrong during the installation procedure. Check our Support Forum, it is full of “solved” cases.

——— v3.0 ————
*** Zooming Effect extension completely redesigned.***
– The zoom Effect is now responsive and works just fine with IOS and Android devices.
– It opens the pictures in Lightbox modal box, once they are clicked.
– The additional thumbnails are listed in a nice slider below the parent thumbnail.
– “Loading” text replaced with HD loading image.
– Backend panel includes more user-friendly parameters.
– And many more advanced features have been added or the existing ones are revised.

——— v2.1 ————
– Loading performance increased
– In VM2.0.xx version; you need to do anything but just installing the module through Joomla Extension Manager

——— v2.0 ————
– Woollaa!! It now supports VM2.0.xx as well as VM1.1.xx
– JAVA conflict issue that happens in some website has been fixed.