November 17th, 2013

FLEXIcontentFLEXIcontent is an advanced content management system developed to greatly enhance the native article manager of Joomla! (com_content)

It adds most of features offered by other CMS like drupal, wordpress, and much more than them:
– Content Types (=custom forms)
– Many highly parametrized powerful fields with SELECTIVE Content Plugin Triggering
– Drag-drop templating
– Multi-Category assignments
– Complex filters in category/search views
– Author management with limitations for subscriptions sites
– etc

10x-20x more features in free version, compared to other Free CCK/Directory components

Thus, FLEXIcontent was designed to manage content in a broad sense:
– articles,
– image or video galleries,
– job offers,
– product catalogues,
– business directories,
– hotel directories
– etc
within a single user interface.

— This means for the end user, unparalleled simplicity of use, everything happens in one place.
— Mastering 10 components to be able to administrate an entire website isn’t required anymore.
— For the web designer / end user / developer, it means a lot less headaches of interoperability/maintenance

Some of FLEXIcontent Unique features:
(none in other component’s Free versions, many unique compared to commercial versions)

— Multi Category assigments, with multiple featured categories (configurable via our Advance Route Plugin, see our FAQ)
— Multiple Document versioning (combined with workflow and powerful notifications messages, see below)
— Multi-state Workflow to assist both editors & publishers to add/update content to your site
— Highly configurable powerful notification system: (Global) Component + Per Content Type + Per category
— High parametrized Fields(=joomla plugin each) (carefully structured to assist configuration and be performance wise)
— Powerful relation/reverse Relation fields to create custom Content Item sub-listing inside a Content Item
— An powerful image/gallery field to create DB-reusable image/galleries or item-field specific galleries with numerous parameterization options
— Multiple filter apperances: text field/single select/dual text range/dual select range/toggle radio/toggle checkbox(multiple filter values)
— FACETED filter behavior for almost all searchable fields: showing filter values according to current filtering and current
— A -Free- Advanced Search view (to host the above 2, but also available in categories too) and create content-rich listings
— Directory/Catalog features, directory view + a powerful Alpha-Index with character aliases, character aggregations, language customizations
— Selective plugin triggering in all fields
— High performance frontend views and items manager, with steady performance as sites grows (**installing on EXISTING larges sites 20,000+ items is still slow, TODO), (and works with full page caching extensions)
— 30+ ACL actions (e.g. edit field value)
— … many more UNIQUE