Flickr PhotoBar

October 7th, 2012

Flickr PhotoBarStep into GraphicAholic’s lounge, because my Flickr PhotoBar extension is ‘On The House’!

Flickr PhotoBar is a super way for you to display all of your Flickr Photostreams at the very bottom of your assigned Joomla web page in an eye catching, small footprint way. Because the code is doing all of the grunt work, there is only a few module settings you need to set to get Flickr PhotoBar up-and-running. If you already have a Flickr account, all you need to know is your Flickr User ID and enter this into the module’s only ‘blank’ option box. Choose any active module position (debug works great), set Show Title to ‘No’, publish this module and assign it to an active menu you want Flickr PhotoBar to be seen by your websites visitors. That is it… REALLY! Oh, there is another option that might need your attention… that being the Load jQuery Library setting. If your template or another extension is already loading the jQuery Library properly you don’t need to mess with this setting. If not, simply change this setting to ‘Yes’ and finally SAVE.

Flickr PhotoBar will scan your Flickr User ID and display all of the ‘Public’ Photosets within your Flickr account horizontally across the bottom of your web page. Click onto any of the Photostream thumbnail images and another box slides in showing all of the pictures within that Photostream. Now, by clicking onto any of the thumbnails it will display that photo in a custom lightbox overlay. Are you starting to feel the Flickr PhotoBar love…? Excellent, simply download, install, make a few module settings and ENJOY!

Please read through the requirements and settings tabs below to better understand just how easy Flickr PhotoBar is to use. As with all of my other Joomla extensions, Flickr PhotoBar is FREE to use, modify and put onto with your clients websites. So belly-up to GraphicAholic’s lounge because my Flickr PhotoBar extension is ‘On the House’!

p.s. Flickr PhotoBar is Mobile ready